3 Destinations to Book Before Prices Soar

Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

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We’re living in strange times, and the smartest among us will see that as an opportunity to jump on some insane deals.

Usually, the price of a holiday is pretty much aligned with how good the destination is, but now that’s simply not true. As we slowly emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic, destinations are temporarily being ranked based on the prevalence of Covid-19 or other government-imposed travel restrictions.

Which gives forward-thinkers like you a massive advantage. If you’re looking for an incredible destination for next summer, or even winter 2022, then you have the opportunity to grab yourself some absolute bargains – thanks to current travel restrictions, which are on their way out.


Japanese Cherry Blossom and Mount Fuji

The only country ever to host an Olympic Games a year late. A trip to Japan is well-worth the build-up.

About 1.6 times the size of the UK, Japan is made up of a skinny collection of islands, curving around from Russia’s south-eastern point to just south of South Korea.

Spring is definitely the time to visit this stunning country, when the Cherry Blossom is on display in its full splendour. Garden design is an important element of Japanese culture, incorporating intricately manicured trees, water, rocks and bridges. The result is an immensely relaxing and spiritual space. Check out the Adachi Museum of Art near Matsue, or tour the Katsura Imperial Villa in Western Kyoto.

From the traditional to modern, Japan blends two very different styles of living. Craftsmanship is valued and celebrated, including modern forms such as Manga, Anime and J-Pop. J-Pop is so popular that there are often early morning concerts so that students can dance to their favourite band before heading off to school – a unique experience, not to be missed!

New Zealand

Milford Sound

New Zealand has received a lot of praise for how it has handled the Coronavirus Pandemic, and no doubt will be high on many people’s travel lists.

New Zealand is predominantly split across two islands – North and South Islands. Famed, perhaps, for being home to more sheep than people, and almost as many hobbits, New Zealand is a land of nature and fantasy.

A third of the country is protected as a national reserve, and a boat trip around Milford Sound takes you cruising past waterfalls and mountains… and if you’re lucky you may spot some sea lions playing in the water too.

Of course, whilst you’re in the land of the Kiwis (not the fruit… the bird), you can’t miss the chance to visit Hobbiton – an absolutely magical experience. Check your change by the way – New Zealand is the only country in the world to feature hobbits on their legal currency.

New Zealand’s phenomenal rugby team (the All Blacks) are famed for their haka before a match. The haka is a Māori battle cry, and there is so much Māori culture to appreciate in the country. In particular, plan a trip to Te Puia to experience the astonishing wonders of nature plus the opportunity to watch traditional Māori craftsmen at work.


Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

If you’re making the trip all the way to New Zealand, it’s a really great idea to incorporate Australia into your travels too. And what a phenomenal country Australia is.

If you have the luxury of time – or have managed to hold on to remote-working post pandemic – Australia is the sort of place that makes for an incredible extended trip.

Of course, there are the famous tourist hotspots, such as Sydney with her monumental Opera House, and magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge (did you know you can climb to the top of the bridge?). But also, check out some of Australia’s natural wonders such as Uluru, the Twelve Apostles and the Great Barrier Reef.

Experience the most mesmerising evening walk along the Jervis Bay beach, where chemical reactions in the plankton lead to the water glowing blue at night. It’s like the ocean’s answer to a blue neon bar sign, and it’s stunning.

Talking of awe-inspiring nature, book yourself a tour to Western Australia’s Nambung National Park or marvel at the hot pink water at Lake Hillier – remember to bring your camera for both.


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